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With not much text to explore, it was about discovering how this young man would take back his power. Casual film watchers may be put off by the sharp dialogue at first but I hope they stay with it, its a very good film about self realization and all the actors here are terrific. The movie title refers to the theory that, taken 2 people at random from the globe, be it the Pope and yourself, an eskimo and the President of the United States, there can be at most 6 people separating them. Will Smith is great. But be careful, it is the type of story that may have you looking inside yourself and who you're connected to. Blocking the non existent lip lock entirely.

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Grandt's Ouisa has a touch of flyaway eccentricity and palpable unrest about her.

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I liked this film very much and I highly recommend it. The goal was just to feel as confident as possible. Six Degrees of Separation. November 17, at 3: The only reason I wanted to see this movie was because of the title "Six degrees of Separation. Based on an amazing true story, the film concerns a wealthy Manhattan couple Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland whose lives are turned upside down when a young black man Will Smith who claims to be a friend of their children's drops in after having been attacked in the park. Pay close attention to the cracks that begin to form in the characters, and run your fingers along those cracks to the end, and you may find yourself caught up in a story with a star shaped meaning.

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There's no other word for this movie but stupid The characters are sick; what they do is sick; how they act is sick; what they say is sick. Grandt's Ouisa has a touch of flyaway eccentricity and palpable unrest about her. First, almost everyone in the flick acts like a total moron most of the time. The Kittredge's talk to their friends and find out that they all encountered Paul as well but were afraid to say something because they were embarrassed.

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