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Then I started to realize that I was more attracted to certain types of dudes. They both seem pretty happy together. Tickets are available at GaymerX. But while their muscles can be intimidating, like Machoke, the Gym Bunny is always willing to use his strength for good. Young, innocent and eager to learn, the Baby Gay is a newbie to the gay scene and will need some looking after. Like a Kangaskhan, Daddies are loving, protective and always willing to put you first.

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Tickets are available at GaymerX.

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The 15 Pokemon That Totally Turned Me Gay

Then I started thinking about sex and all the same-sex sex that I could have, starting with my tongue. Finally, Jynx seduced me into liking drag queens. Like Jigglypuff, the Attention Seeker mesmerises those around him with with his cute appearance and sociable nature, refusing to let people take their attention elsewhere — even if this results in them falling asleep. Like Watchog, he has keen eyesight, is constantly on edge, and is able to see in the dark — perfect for spotting incoming predators in a nightclub. Instead of having their arguments behind closed doors, they seem to relish fighting in plain view of everyone else — making for awkward social situations. Pokemon turned me and countless other children gay.

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Like Victreebel, the Twink Hunter is a territorial creature and can get aggressive if other poachers move in on his territory. No wonder I immediately sucked 69 dicks after seeing this one. This licky-tongue fella even has knee-pads on — total slut. They can also be recognised by a variety of smells, including heavy perfume, alcohol and cigarette smoke. Naturally suspicious, the Jealous Boyfriend only has eyes for one guy — and you better stay away from him. Finally, Jynx seduced me into liking drag queens.

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