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I am a big fat White guy and never, never have I had any bad expierience in mexico and I have spent years there and fucked hundreds of hookers. It's in and out as quick as they can make you pop. When you say downtown what areas are u talking about? Perrojo, Yes, that is Wendy. But if I didnt get into the shit, I wouldnt know that.

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This is more of an upscale version of Gusano's.

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To end the night 4am I did an older one with breast and ass implants. The government of Ciudad VictoriaMexico, has considered establishing a similar zone. The narco's are robbing all the taxi's so they lock it down after 9. Dino Velvet said, Very true. You can find transexual and gay bars from Boy's Town. If you don't put any value on your own life, I sure as hell won't.

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These are picture threads that i started but they're pro pics, not amateur pics taken by me. There are so many Americans there it's almost like an extension of San Diego. Boystown even has a clinic inside of it. Shit, there are enough girls there that money isnt an issue if you speak just some basic spanish. Still plenty of oppurtunities downtown also. If you are worried about a few poor Mexicans than you really have no business in this glamorous adventure. How far would that go in NL or TJ?

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