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A decision regarding housing for transgender inmates in the county requires that it be made only after medical, psychological and medication assessments, but a jail employee bucked that obligation by telling Jackson she needed to expose herself because she would be housed with men if she had a penis, according to the lawsuit. By Joshua Rhett Miller. But after a few sessions, she told me there was nothing wrong with me. It meant a lot to me that one co-worker once trusted me to handle the funeral arrangements for a family member. Leave this field blank. HR Acuity Read about five primary ways any business can create an inclusive environment for transgender workers.

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I had given almost seven years of my life to the funeral home, offering countless families comfort when they needed it most.

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They should also display it prominently, both in the workplace and on their website, if applicable. Anonymous "Force" your way into the female gender? I was in funeral services for nearly three decades before I was fired in for being transgender. The reason we have this problem now with ridiculous laws going into affect forcing me to call a tranny Ze Bob and get fined if I refuse to and giving them legal right to change their gender to X on their birth certificate is because of you morons who couldn't stop bulling them.

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If an employer discriminates against you because you don't conform to their expectations of what "male" or "female" is, then that's discrimination based on sex.

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