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Asexual Musings and Rantings Search In. I've thought a bit about this two. Tim Burton and Joe Ranft are both distinct possibilities, both married women and had children, but neither ever expressed sexual attraction or thoughts about sexuality with their friend or known personal letters. The problem for using Rictor Norton's book as a source in this list lies elsewhere: So having a wife and children is a difficult argument to make for someone's sexual orientation. Just read a quote of hime saying "When I was a boy and other boys were lying awake wondering how girls worked, I was lying awake thinking about the Triumph TR6. Read on for random, ill-prepared speculation:

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This likely possibility is supported by the fact that the first victim of each person in their own respects was female.

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Talk:List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people/Archive 2

For this offense, thou shoust be smighted! You don't even need to log in! Or at least that's why they think, 'Thank heaven for death. I notice that the article on Shakespeare's sonnetswhich I hadn't checked earlier, says they "deal in large part with a beautiful young man, a rival poet and a Dark Lady" and "Shakespeare's repeated declarations of love for the young man suggest bisexuality to some, although others see them as supreme expressions of Platonic love. But it's just not for me' and described it as the 'weekly do-we-have-to' and said he'd rather watch Cranford than have sex.

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Take a look and let me know what y'all think. I imagine the person comptemplating that is monosexual. Sign In Don't have an account? We got a lot of flak here at Laughng Gas Online for stepping on the non-gay heart and penis of your beloved Jared Leto, but come on, we kinda had to. OR without a source.

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