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They did not feel that doctors in the public health system were able to support them. Due to the failings of the health system, transgender people who have an urgent need to align their body with their gender identity told Amnesty International that they have had little choice but to resort to the unsafe and risky black market to obtain hormone medication. Let down by the health system, transgender people have taken the highly dangerous step of attempting to perform surgeries on themselves. Performance and the Politics of Gender: Quick Search. Many of early modern China's stories reflected cross-dressing and living the life of a different gender for a short period of time, mainly featuring the cross-dressers as virtuous, like Mulan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Inside the LGBT movement in China the gay moment is dominant while other sexual minorities have historically been relegated.

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Terms for crossdressing are many and varied. In China, trans people are classified as having a mental illness and require the consent of their families for sex reassignment surgery, the researchers found. Health care facilities specializing in gender-affirming treatments are not common.

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