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He chuckled nervously and pulled his arm away, "Th-Thanks babe. The tan boy could feel Gary's hot throbbing thing inside him. I thought Gary was straight. He got on his knees and unzipped his shorts. Ash's mouth felt so warm and wet. Their lips met into a kiss, but Ash groaned for a deeper one.

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Ash sighed, 'A whole weekend with Gary Oak, ugh, things couldn't possibly get much worse.

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The fresh produce rolled around on the floor, "GARY! The brunette cringed in pleasure, seeing Ash in a heated state made him want to cum right away. It should be ending soon. Ash's eyes were filled with lust and want. Ash let out little moans and clung to the older boy.

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And I think your milk is comming out of me. My MooMoo ice-cream is ready. Gary groaned in pain, "Sorry Ash, you okay? Ash told his mom about his conversation with Professor Oak right away. Seeing him obedient like a dog felt so empowering. The brunette let out heat-filled grunts.

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