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In he wrote his first dramatic work, Paid on Both Sidessubtitled "A Charade", which combined style and content from the Icelandic sagas with jokes from English school life. Three months after arriving in America, Auden fell in love with Chester Kallman, whom he was thereafter to place at the centre of his life. He registered for the US draft and was called in September Then, starting inhe began spending his summers in KirchstettenAustriawhere he bought a farmhouse from the prize money of the Premio Feltrinelli awarded to him in To him, their relationship was a marriage, and it was the chief reason he remained in America when war broke out. Gay liberation made no secret more fashionable than the one he had loosely kept - that he was homosexual.

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In the late s Auden's style became less rhetorical while its range of styles increased.

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In praise of a guilty genius

Probably the most common critical view from the s onward ranked him as the last and least of the three major twentieth-century British and Irish poets, Yeats, Eliot, Auden, while a minority view, more prominent in recent years, ranks him as the highest of the three. Relationships Auden fell in love with Isherwood, with whom he collaborated on three plays. In —41, Auden lived in a house at 7 Middagh Street in Brooklyn Heightsthat he shared with Carson McCullersBenjamin Britten, and others, which became a famous centre of artistic life, nicknamed "February House". At eighteen he discovered T. Essays by Divers Hands He registered for the US draft and was called in September Nevertheless, he carried the English language with him, and this, along with his memories, was a homeland:

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He died in Austria on 29 September Auden was a prolific writer of prose essays and reviews on literary, political, psychological and religious subjects, and he worked at various times on documentary films, poetic plays, and other forms of performance. The Cambridge Companion to W. Throughout his career he was both controversial and influential, and critical views on his work ranged from sharply dismissive, treating him as a lesser follower of W. I read, shuddered, and knew. Defenders of Auden such as Geoffrey Grigsonin an introduction to a anthology of modern poetry, wrote that Auden "arches over all". Auden and Isherwood maintained a lasting but intermittent sexual friendship from around towhile both had briefer but more intense relations with other men.

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