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Please also be aware of our torrent cap rule at the site rules here: Sure you'll have a great time for a while, but after a while, you might find yourself infested with viruses. Find the best gay porn sites of It is unique to you and you cannot set it manually - it is used automatically by the system: What's a magnet link?

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Our GTN — This website probably has the best design and forum on this list. What's a magnet link? First, click the Torrent link in the site navigation. That s a crime pretty much everywhere, and governments do take it seriously and will prosecute people over. Content is abundant and updated regularly. Obviously, I haven't checked all of the content on these sites to see how much content is public domain or has a lax IP license on it and how much is pirated. Now this may surprise you, but when it comes to getting your hands on gay torrents, the best site in the business for that job is one produc

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Gay Lounge Live Free! Our GTN is a community devoted to adult entertainment of a homoerotic nature. Content is abundant and updated regularly. So, are you looking for some gay porn torrents but don't know where to go? Torrents come with a bunch of benefits and so long as everyone seeds as much as they leech, everyone can have a great time with minimal problems. Find the best gay porn sites of

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