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Your soggy, dripping member is impossible to conceal. Follow him on Twitter Hortland. To the bitch who came into my salon: He wore a cowboy hat. SuitePortland, OR

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You were nodding off in my chair because of all the opiate pills you consumed before coming in.

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MercPerks Great deals on local businesses. The back card room survives as a bank of Oregon Lottery machines. Without the beach, Rooster Rock is even more intimate: The unambiguous, bow-legged stance of a man pissing behind a guardrail remains the nude man's primitive shield. Follow him on Twitter Hortland. It was standing-only—no barstools, just belly up to the bar—and there was a piss trough below. But in this thin ribbon of clothing-optional swamp, there are only so many twigs to hide behind.

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Every time you moved, you set back the process by several minutes. I actually had to sit cross-legged for a few minutes to hide my half-chub. Mercury Ticketing Buy tickets to events around Portland. One elderly visitor recalled only phlegm and blood mingling with the spilt beer flowing along an inclined trench at the foot of the bar, and insisted that men would never unzip in public with toilets nearby. A lot has changed at Kelly's Olympian since it opened downtown well over a century ago.

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