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While the number of alleged victims of clergy abuse in the John Jay report is unacceptably high 10, total allegationsthe publicity generated by the coverage of the scandal and the fact that the Church was offering financial settlements may have encouraged those who had not previously revealed their abuse to come forward. Please review our privacy policy. The John Jay report noted a dramatic decline in reports of recent clergy childhood sexual abuse. Redefining Equality Lafayette, LA: But, as with straight children anxious for the experience with someone of the opposite sex, these are kids who seek. The researchers examined the files of accused clergy and found that the records of fourteen hundred of the clergy offenders contain reports of other problems. Richard Fitzgibbons, who has experience in the psychiatric treatment of large numbers of priests over thirty-four years:

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Haworth Medical Press,

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Pope Francis opens Catholic synod opens amid gay priest row

Fighting the inner sense that he is not sufficiently masculine—not a real man—he is attracted to their masculinity, and sexual activity is a means to incorporate some of that masculinity into himself. Fixated offenders with multiple victims posed the greatest threat to children. Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers, New York. In a May meeting with Italian bishops, Francis said, "If there's even the slightest doubt, better to not accept them" into seminary, according to participants at the closed-door session. Johnson and Shrier speculate that many of the victims may have been unwilling to admit being molested. It should be noted that while childhood sexual abuse by Catholic clergy has received extensive media coverage, childhood sexual abuse by teachers and others is also a serious problem.

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A man who finds homosexual acts repulsive will not be tempted by the availability of vulnerable adolescent males. Homosexual men are more likely to be self-indulgent, both sexually and in other ways. He should never use his children as objects for his own pleasure. Before the revelation of the extent of childhood sexual abuse among Catholic clergy, male victims were extremely unlikely to report abuse. Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston, who said Monday that he didn't see a letter sent to his office by a priest in concerning McCarrick's activities, recently announced an investigation into his diocesan seminary. Tragically, these mistakes allowed these men to justify their behaviors. Haworth Medical Press,

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