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James had no idea how much time passed but his patience was wearing out. Suits Socks Sex James knew he was gagged but surely Polawsky could hear him. The one that gets absolutely shit faced drunk and stumbles his way to the restroom to take a piss unknowingly with a predator on his tail looking to take advantage of the big guy when his defenses are down. He struggled more and more but remained as bound as before. What kind of job required someone to be tied up and gagged?

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Whatever you want, Mr.

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Mans Suit Ripped Ossan Maid suit Riding sextoy What kind of job required someone to be tied up and gagged? Suited homo cum Splattered Three bushy Suited Muscle twinks bareback And Breed Suited - Nial A year working with Polawski and James could write his own ticket.

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It was now 4: Polawsky must have been a boy scout or something. Carefully he got to his feet. You have no idea what "pain in the ass" means. It was just a few years ago that guys in somewhat baggy unflattering gym clothes was the norm and the squat rack was the best chance to catch a glimpse of the hot guys and their bubble-butts.

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