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They actually both laughed when they realized they were both soaked through. You and I are a lot alike, and if my door's closed, you can almost be certain I'm doing the same thing. Do you, you know have any, um slippery stuff? So I sneak in loop the ropes around his arms and legs then around the bed pulls, also gently tying the bandanna around his eyes. Well, I really did.

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The piece appears to be about the same size as a grain of sand if our guesses are correct, and while we definitely need to go in and remove it, we don't know what damage it's caused.

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The damage was total, the sheet was soaked nearly three quarters of it, and all the blankets had been wet in the onslaught as well. John set up an appointment with Bailey's doctor to have some more tests run, and that appointment had been the day before. Can we cuddle back up again please? I don't know if I want to go anywhere though wearing a diaper, it's too embarrassing. The moment of sexual contact ended as he got up and said he wanted to take a shower and then he wanted to know if we could go fishing. So, catheters are bad, but so are diapers?

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You've healed up more than enough now that the swelling cannot possibly be causing the problems, so it's as we feared, you've only got partial control. The night that the three of them had been shot, they had just gone to a theatre production, they had had a great time, and were walking home, when they were mugged. Now, we're both leaky and we need to change our diapers, so what say we get changed. Bailey had not stopped wetting the bed either. I remember the days just three weeks ago when I could see in James' eyes how he had passed from 10 years old in his mind to the 18 I was pleased to see emerge.

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