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The findings were published in a February special supplement of The Gerontologist. Not only do LGBTQ seniors need to find resources and alternative kinship, they need to learn how to navigate new social mores. About one-fourth were married, another fourth were in a committed relationship, and half were single. They find themselves totally isolated. LGBTQ seniors who come out later in life do a difficult calculus all their lives:

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Telling a couple they should get married now simply because they can misses the individual nature of the choice.

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Seniors the highest participants in same sex marriage vote

She did some research online, slowly coming to terms with her gender identity. The legalization of gay marriage at the federal level opens up access to many benefits, such as tax exemptions and Social Security survivor benefits that married, straight couples have long enjoyed. I'm a print subscriber, link to my account Subscribe to comment Why do I need to subscribe? It brings a sense of betrayal and self-doubt: Married respondents had spent an average of 23 years together, while those in a committed, unmarried relationship had spent an average of 16 years. She didn't need a formal coming out: A Gallup Poll found that 49 percent of cohabiting gay couples were married, up from 38 percent before the ruling.

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According to Goldsen, marriage, for many older LGBT people, can be something of a conundrum — even a non-starter. Some LGBTQ seniors suffer estrangement not just from their spouses but from their children and grandchildren. For years, studies have linked marriage with happiness among heterosexual couples. The relationship was authentic, but people are capable of a multitude of feelings and desires. University of Washington Be boundless Connect with us:

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