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These men were assigned to Tibbets' airplane. He had been told to wear darkened googles, but forgot and saw a 40,ft-high white cloud, and below him what he likened to "a pot of boiling black oil". The Navy captain wondered aloud: Wilbur Morrison, one of the nation's foremost aviation historians, reveals the truth about the air war in the Pacific during WWII and provides insight into the personalities and motives of three influential men: It was home to aboutcivilians and 43, military, and had hitherto escaped the incendiary raids that had laid waste to most of Japan's urban centres. They looked down at the city below.

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Ferebee, the bombardier, felt only one reaction:

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Major Theodore Van Kirk obituary

The flight to the target was routine, and only the thought of what they were going to see kept them active. The B with Enola Gay printed in big block letters on her nose vibrated and began to roll forward. Parsons of the Navy aboard. He is survived by his sons, Thomas and Larry, his daughters, Vicki and Joanne, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. They crossed Shikoku and the Iyo Sea. They spotted the Initial Point, or I.

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McNaughton to Algiers, landing on a field he knew would be bombed, and which was actually under attack before he stopped taxi-ing; he led the first mission to bomb North Africa; returned to the U. As Tibbets could get any men and any planes he needed, the th quickly filled out, and the entire organization was complete by Dec. He looked like the past 10 months, at Wendover, and Washington, and New Mexico, and overseas, had come up and hit him all at once. Davies, the Commanding Officer, was not part of the flight crew. Bob Caron, the tail gunner was the only crew member to see the fireball. Tibbets waving out the cockpit of the Enola Gay. In the previous year, the US had made Tinian, 6, miles west of San Francisco, the largest airport in the world.

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