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The correct answer is anyone. PolicyMic pundits have covered some of these topics, from the casting of female superheroes to be skinny, not strong, to the slowly changing racial norms in the industry, but actor Andrew Garfield wants to take the next step: Re-booting Spiderman as gay wouldn't impact the actual storyline at all. Here's the problem though: It's also no surprise that so many people find the lack of diversity in the superhero line-up troubling.

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Why you should start thinking about retirement as early as possible.

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Andrew Garfield on Spider-Man's sexuality: 'Why can't he be gay?'

After all, if these global movies are spanning continents and audiences, shouldn't they represent those individuals a little more accurately? In the comments section of the EW article, which hardly ever sees debate more significant than which Desperate Housewife is the cattiest, an intense debate on portraying race and sexual orientation has ensued. Nonetheless, there's been much outrage and commotion over Garfield's casual comment. Your partner lost their job. All the costs you should consider before applying to business school.

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It's no surprise that kids look up to and emulate their favorite superheroes. At the end of the day, Peter Parker is tasked with saving humanity and occasionally saving MJ, and neither that sense of justice nor that love is applicable only to one sexual orientation or one race. In an interview with Entertainment WeeklyGarfield was commenting on how open to interpretation the Spiderman story is when he mentioned that he had suggested to the director and producer that Spiderman's love interest Mary Jane, who is often referred to only as "MJ," could be a guy. Nobody is trying to promote any sort of "agenda. Why you should start thinking about retirement as early as possible. There is a time and place for nostalgia, but that does not include cementing this generation's idols in the past.

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