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As we hear the disembodied sounds of panting and soft kisses, the scene eclipses. MoviesPrint Issue. But what do we lose when our sexuality fades to black? When I did eventually see it, I discovered that the almost-sex scene pans away from the lovers before their khakis are even removed. A small pool of semen arrives on his heaving body, sharing a frame with his sarcoma lesions. So then, if not history, what do we lose when queer sex is lost in an eclipse?

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I grew up in the kind of household where my parents would cover my eyes during any and all sex scenes.

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We Deserve More Gay Sex Scenes in Movies

The comedy Tangerine features a trans sex worker in a chummy client relationship with an Armenian taxi driver. But a queer film, by its moniker, and by the virtue of its scarcity, has a responsibility to invite queers inside. But censoring these moments manually made me even more aware of sex itself — my other senses seemed to heighten. I grew up in the kind of household where my parents would cover my eyes during any and all sex scenes. Hidden behind censoring hands is queer joy in its purest form, lost in that blacked-out space between the scenes of nakedness and whatever comes next. Many of our award contenders, it feels, are still in that chokehold.

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The lover writhes through the pleasure of the moment and the pain of his disease until he climaxes. Oliver discovers him, finds the whole thing very erotic, and eats the cum-filled stone fruit. The camera pans away and finds interest on a moonlit tree outside their window — a tree that gets almost as much screen time as Mafalda. After he sneaks out of a family gathering on Christmas Day, the two head to a car wash for privacy. What were meant to be beautiful, kinky, and original sex scenes from the novel had been sterilized for the mainstream.

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