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He has an electricity machine which now includes an electric sound. Read more Read less. You can either have multiple sessions with breaks throughout the weekend or we can start the session at the beginning of the weekend with you only stepping out of role once you leave My dungeon. On His Knees Blasphemy. A stare into his cold blue eyes tells any sub or slave that he is NOT to be trifled with. After that we rested and chatted for a bit, but he was not finished. Very slowly without any pain but gently insistent until I had his whole hand inside me and was totally transfixed and under his control.

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The Society of Sin is our private membership organisation.

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Fetish Play

There are many people who will play as 'amateurs' though I make no value judgements as to their capabilities, there are some very good ones. Although we do this to keep our records in order, we recommend that before meeting any escort, you check ID yourself if in doubt. It may be that straight guys fantasize about what it would be like to be Dominated by a man. We communicated to see what I wanted so that when we met the session was tailored to my needs. He is a lifestyle Master and the force behind the Society of Sin; a stable of eager submissives.

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They may also want to be feminised to be given permission to be someone or something else such as a rubber toy or doll. I don't sub these days, but what I do instead is allow some of My boys to test out new equipment on Me so I don't forget what it's like to be on the receiving end - especially when it comes to the new equipment I buy. If you please him you still get punished, you can tell from his sadistic smile he is enjoying the power he has over you. East Midlands and Birmingham. The Master understands and employs them all. I love boys in rubber and he put on a shining latex suit with a black rubber apron over it.

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