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In fact, I had a partner in Singapore. Remember, there is no booking fee for using our expert team to plan and book your trip. Later that year, Thomas Delaney40, was sentenced to a 12 months community order and hours of unpaid work after he made numerous homophobic slurs towards two male easyJet cabin crew on a flight to Alicante. For the gay male flight attendant, the s were seen as a lost decade in terms of recognition from the industry. So imagine a hundred or so crew in one hotel and you can draw your own conclusions.

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I was a firefighter paramedic for over 20 years before retiring early due to a line of duty injury.

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Don't Argue With The Gay Flight Attendant

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Pictures of care free parents sipping cocktails, while their child was looked after by the doting stewardess began to emerge, cashing in on the influx of stay at home wives travelling with their wealthy business men husbands. On really long flights we would get a chance to switch off. I was shocked to hear the number of homophobic incidents from fellow cabin crew and pilots. Flight attendants — it's absolutely jam-packed full of gay guys and not necessarily gay women, but as far as the guys are concerned, it's probably about 90 percent gay men. Of course, in South Africa at the time, black people worked in subservient roles and the white people were running the show. What kind of destinations did you fly to?

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With this in mind I would never have wanted to find myself on the wrong side of the law and was sure not to put myself in a compromising position. Many said they had never suffered or witnessed any abuse. I've been assaulted because of my sexuality, I've been head-butted, I've been called awful names. Wages could be kept low and by introducing strict weight and age restrictions, plus a no marriage policy, turn over was high ensuring most girls were forced out before they gained any seniority. Sign me up to receive news and updates. But stories of rape and sexual assaults have emerged over the years, especially during the early days of flying, when crew were forced to share rooms with their flight attendant colleagues.

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