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Something I enjoyed also, well the socks part, in any case! Want to see the list of all the Poser Artists at Daddyshere? When he was 20 years old, he was approached on Chicago's Oak Street Beach by Chuck Renslow then 23inviting him to model for photographs. Artwork by artists like Etienne, Stephen and more!! Role models of greatness. The lists of the artists who create the amazing gay art and 3D renders and links to their pages!

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Etienne was a dancer and choreographer and became a world renown erotic artist whose muscular images have become immediately recognizable.

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Gay Porno Comic by Etienne

It's been impossible to keep putting updates at Google, Tumblr and other sites as they keep shutting them down, so I'm adding a new page to my website. They also produced non-explicit gay-themed 16mm movie shorts, written and directed by Orejudos. If you, viewing this page, are one of the artists, or know how to contact the artists, please write to me. Along with artists George Quaintance and Tom of Finland with whom he became friendsOrejudos' leather-themed art promoted an image of gay men as strong and masculine, as an alternative to the then-dominant stereotype as weak and effeminate. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat I have no interest in what websites you visit or what you do in your spare time, unless it's in my bed!

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And on a page all his own! There may be repeats of images from above. This page is dedicated to my socks fetish! With the age of computer keyboards, accents above capital letters can now and should be used, because they are available. My Erotic Sci-Fi Novella. Click my pictures to go to Daddy's Bio.

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