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However, this splash page isn't part of the story and he has no gun in the story itself. Since you're asking me, I'll say no, I don't think he is …I certainly understand the gay readings, though. Strength level comics to discuss this issue in general. Many times when people needed potions, lotions or tonics, they would call Dick Gregory. In an oft-cited comic panel from a June Batman comic, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are seen waking up together in their bed.

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You may contact me, if you have a problem with my edit, and we can discuss it.

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As characters on other prime-time shows wrestled with racism and sexism, the Cunninghams were, for the most part, still oblivious to the revolutions to come, their comforts unchallenged. I was a wrangler on Silent Tongue; it was my first job. It borders on comical for some of the contributors here to presume to pass judgement on the validity of recognized academics or entire branches of science. Once more, this "dark" Batman had a specific job to do:

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Was the feature film "The Wild World of Batwoman" from too stupid to be listed here?

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