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Hearns said, referring to Ms. Other works which appear on this site are the property of their various owners and are used for educational purposes, with no commercial intent. Don't have an account yet? February 8, at 1: CliffIthaca, NY I love the fact that there is an actual portrayal of someone coming out as bi!

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As he tests the microphone, he says, "One, two, ouch!

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International petition urges PepsiCo to publicly condemn anti-gay legislation in Uganda

Oreo InOreo posted a photo of a rainbow filling-stacked Oreo cookie on its Facebook page to celebrate Pride month. Betty Crocker, a poster product for domestic bliss, is also part of the General Mills family, and thus targeted for NOM's godly wrath. Also inPepsi Australia ran a commercial that features a wrestler who tries to kiss a female fairy. Or sign in with a social account: In fact historically they can be deadly an no amount of corn syrup sweetened fizzy drink can diminish that fact.

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I know there are millions who are like me but refuse to admit it. In Colorado Springs, an regional bottler supported Pride events since and an independent Pepsi bottler was supporting a Pride parade in California in Click on pictures for larger image. Guy BertrandMontreal, QC, Canada Although you have a very flamboyant gay character, he is talking in front of a cheering crowd. The gay community is stereotyped, they make handicapped people lisp laughable, and stereotyping "blondes". The company has been broadly eyeing the U.

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