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Justice Anthony Kennedy quoted Confucius in his majority ruling in Obergefell v. Sexual life in Ancient China: Qiu and his business partners, who work in retail, a family lumber business and marketing, have not given up their day jobs yet but make a modest salary for the time they put in organising the event. While lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT culture remains largely underground, there are a plethora of gay cruising zones and often unadvertised gay bars, restaurants and discos spread across the country. There is a long history in China of overzealous local authorities shutting down gay venues, while foreign gay movies rarely make it onto the screens after being vetted by the country's conservative censors. Until adopting European values late in their history, the Chinese did not even have nouns to describe a heterosexual or homosexual person per se. While it is not outright condemned, neither is it fully accepted as being part of the social norm.

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As Elaine Jeffreys and Haiqing Yu note in their book, Sex in China, individuals who interact within the queer community do not necessarily identify as being homosexual.

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China's Sina Weibo backtracks from gay content ban after outrage

Ma knows a thing or two about giving the censors the runaround in China when it comes to gay content. But the latest generation of young gay Chinese, particularly those returning home after studying in countries such as Australia, Britain or the United States, are finding life easier than they would have a decade ago. In the end the company was more afraid of losing customers than any backlash from the government. All the gentlemen and officials esteemed it. Which is why he is grateful and proud of China's LGBT for speaking out against Weibo and fighting a difficult battle against social media censorship. Qiu believes that the Chinese government is waking up to the fact that many LGBT people are productive members of society.

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Baseline islands Border crossings Cities Province-level subdivisions. An official campaign to remove gay-themed content from China's Twitter-like microblog, Sina Weibo, ended as abruptly as it began, lasting only 66 hours. Get up earlier, much earlier How to waste 50 hours in business class and enjoy every minute From Shemara Wikramanayake to Bill Shorten, 7 leaders to watch in SA Water trials Degrees' black box in search for cleaner, cheaper energy. Not being attached to a physical venue, being on the authorities' radar is low. Many cave under family pressure and enter fake marriages to keep their parents off their back. The move is seen by many in the community as a tipping point for gay rights in China, which it has been a struggle to have recognised with censors routinely clamping down on content and tough restrictions surrounding lobby groups. Some of the women are straight, some are gay, others are not sure.

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