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Correspondence should be sent to Pamela M. Finkelstein reined in the series, returning to the serious legal cases that made the series famous. The young adult and LGBT patronage was continuously validated when survey teams attended the randomly selected bars and nightclubs for data collection. The number of applicants to law school rose because of how it glamorized the profession including, as one law school dean stated, "the infinite possibilities for sex"professors used L. Review of the quality of studies on the economic effects of smoke-free policies on the hospitality industry.

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Fans and interested persons flooded the show's producers with letters asking for more details about this mysterious technique.

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In addition to its main cast, L. Law are caricatures", he stated, but "caricatures are always caricatures of something, and that has to be real". Patrons of LGBT bars and nightclubs did not differ significantly from patrons of non-LGBT bars and nightclubs in reporting that they would go out at least as frequently if bars and nightclubs were made smoke-free Table 2. Socially cued smoking in bars, nightclubs, and gaming venues: Life on the Streetseason 5 Homicide: Please review our privacy policy.

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Socially cued smoking in bars, nightclubs, and gaming venues: Law — Doogie Howser, M. Association between smoke-free legislation and hospitalizations for cardiac, cerebrovascular, and respiratory diseases: We examined LGBT bar and nightclub patrons in a major city in the western portion of the United States with a unique concentration of casinos; results may not generalize to other cities. That episode also reflected on the Los Angeles riots. The series was a critical favorite even before it had premiered. Is tobacco a gay issue?

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