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GamesRadar 's staff placed him at number 37 in a list of the 50 best game characters of the generation, commenting " Dragon Age: I find it rather funny, myself, but for some reason he doesn't. I have the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age: Afterwards, he will be trapped alongside the Inquisitor and Hawke in the Fade. I've never heard it mentioned anywhere before now.

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You can't have a gay Alister without a bug or a mod.

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Alistair Became King in Dragon Age: Alistair has watched Urien romancing Zevran and enjoying everyone and everything available at the Pearl except Isabela, somehow! Tripping The Blight Fantastic". If Anora is made queen and not married to Alistair, she will call for Alistair's execution if Loghain is spared. However, Gaider said that he wouldn't want to have another Alistair-like romance in the interest of originality. Meer also commented that Alistair made him wish he had made his character female, believing him to be a better love interest than Morrigan due to his cheery put-downs rather than her "snide oh-I'm-bit-naughty-me line".

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The player will have to challenge Loghain's current regency by eroding the noble's support of him. I have the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age: Alistair makes a cameo appearance in Dragon Age II unless the player imports a save from Origins where he was executed. Archived from the original on February 8, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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