Donors pumped $83 m to calif gay marriage campaign

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Numerous lawsuits were filed with the California Supreme Court by same-sex couples and government entities, challenging the proposition's validity and effect on previously administered same-sex marriages. It was only the latest in a series of layoffs and cutbacks suffered by the Christian ministry, which also supports a massive CD, DVD, radio and Web-based enterprise. This page has been accessed 42, times. Most pro-choice Americans oppose late term abortion: And that is where the gay rights movement may be making a major strategic mistake. The California Fair Political Practices Commission has been investigating the Mormon Church for allegedly underreporting its spending on behalf of Proposition 8.

Supporters of same-sex marriage vandalized some "Yes on 8" signs, sent hate mail, and ultimately made death threats which caused at least one top supporter of Proposition 8 to hire a bodyguard.

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Gays vs Democratic Party

And AIPAC can rely on the signatures of most congressmen whenever a resolution is introduced that expresses support for Israel. Mermaids, 'farting cows' and free money. Focus on the Family donated more to the Proposition 8 campaign than has been reported, The Colorado Independent has found. Proposition 8's sponsors had sought permission to keep the identities of those contributors secret, arguing that the identifying information in previous campaign reports had led to donors being harassed. Advocates of gun rights and Israel have been successful in persuading appreciable numbers of Democrats and Republicans that their causes are in the national interest and that by supporting them, politicians will help ensure, not jeopardize, their electoral success.

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Although they offered pleasant speeches and frequent photo opportunities, both the Clinton and early Obama administrations provided little in terms of tangible legislative progress. Proposition 8 was written in anticipation of four California Supreme Court Justices who overturned the will of the people and sought to redefine traditional marriage in California. In gays in California and around the country rallied to help defeat the Briggs Initiative, which would have barred gay people from teaching in the public schools. But he says his experience with the Democratic Party was significantly different this time. Proposition 8 passed with a